Teeth Whitening Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Teeth whitening involves removing the stains or discoloration from the teeth is formed by environmental or chemical agents. In daily life, we eat food and beverages that contain pigmentation, oily food, and, drinks include tea, coffee, red wine, berries, and curries. Other factors that can impact the color of your teeth include age, medication, smoking, and trauma. The following are the whitening options available at the BA-Dentist office in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Teeth Whitening Options and their Procedures

At BA-Dentist we suggest our patients both options Do It Yourself (DIY) home whitening kits and In-office teeth whitening, we accomplish this by using a branded whitening products as they involve using a low dosage concentration of bleach, over a longer-period of course, this can be useful for delivering longer-lasting results and creating less sensitivity, different bleaching concentrations are available to suit for individual needs, including your lifestyle, time availability, and tooth sensitivity.

DIY home kits are also excellent as you have more control over, where you can bleach your teeth in the future. DIY home bleaching includes thin transparent custom-made trays that easily fit in your mouth, they are designed to keep the gel on the tooth surface and off from your gums, the trays are worn for 45 minutes to overnight depending on the health of each user.

We also offer In-office whitening for patients who would prefer or need this benefit as it is achieved in a single visit and delivers results quicker than at-home whitening. This is great if you are seeking to achieve your results in a short time-frame for an occasion such as a wedding or a job interview. We usually suggest following up with at-home whitening to achieve your supreme results.

There are two options available within In-office whitening, including activating it with a light or laser whitening, laser whitening is great for more severe staining such as that caused by tetracycline medication or for individual tooth treatment. For the more information on this contact us or visit our dental office BA-Dentist at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Is Teeth Whitening safe?

Whenever bleaching your teeth, you would need to be advised by your general dentist, he/she can kind of monitor you and make sure you are not producing any unnecessary damage to your teeth. Generally, the common side-effect is that a little sensitivity may happen during the bleaching process and what that means is that the bleaching solution has penetrated your enamel to a point where it is causing to affect your tissue endings on your tooth. So, you definitely need to make sure that you back off if you are ever starting to feel sensitivity, because, if you keep bleaching you can actually be causing injury to your teeth, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures comes along when bleaching your teeth, but, surely go to your dentist if you are having these sensations when you are bleaching your teeth, and therefore, maybe he/she will guide you a fluoride toothpaste it will provide the nutrients back into your teeth and build your enamel or you can purchase over-the-counter toothpaste to better build up the enamel.

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