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5 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

No one would want to have a smile with gaps in between teeth, dental implants can restore a smile to the beautiful pearly shine others wish. Paying the bill for a dental implant is the best investment you can make in restoring the attractiveness and functionality of a smile. Dental implants hold multiple benefits over other tooth-replacement options such as dentures & bridges. Implants offer other oral health benefits as well, below are five of those benefits.

1. Natural Look with Complete Functionality

Dental implants will not only look realistic and fit the color of the other teeth, but implants will also function as the other natural teeth. There may be some days, but mostly in the beginning, where the patient requires time to adapt to the new implant, but it will not take too much time. Most won’t be able to tell the difference between the regular teeth and the implant.

2. Long-lasting

Dental implants need periodic adjustments, if you clean your implants properly & brush them twice a day as you would your natural teeth, implants can last a lifetime. This long-term solution is preferable to visiting the dentist to replace the oral appliance every few years.

3. Implants Won’t Slip

The one major complaint we get from the denture wearers is that they slip a lot. While eating, talking, & laughing dentures tend to slip out of their position. Dental implants have the advantage over dentures as they will remain in the mouth. Therefore, a patient can brush, floss, and eat. Once you get fitted with dental implants, you can not remove them. With a dental implant, one can clean without making intense changes to the oral hygiene routine.

4. Eat Any Food You Enjoy

When you go for dentures there are many restrictions slippage is another thing but you can not even eat what you like the most or have to make changes in your diet. It is not the case with implants. Once your implant has healed, you can have anything you want. Hard, crunchy, sticky, & everything you would enjoy having with your natural teeth. 

5. No Bone Loss

When you start losing your teeth not only does your capability to chew gets compromised but also your jaw begins to shrink. It is because the jaw is not getting enough support. Teeth support the jawbone to give you a facial structure. Dentures & bridges sit on top of the gum, so they can’t provide support to the jawbone. That is the reason a more solid restorative procedure, like a dental implant, was needed to support the jaw. Implant or the post serves as the tooth root which gets drilled inside the jawbone & offers stimulation to the jaw making your facial structure look perfect.

Dental Implants In Broken Arrow

Now that you know why a dental implant is preferred over other restorative procedures, so scheduling an appointment with a dental implant dentist in Broken Arrow, you can find out if implants are the best choice for restoring your smile. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our dental office in Broken Arrow.