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Is Dental Cleaning Beneficial For My Oral Health?

Regular dental cleanings are an integral part of good oral hygiene. Besides maintaining your teeth and gums healthy, regular dental cleaning lets your dentist examine what’s going on with your…

Whats’s The Difference Between Pediatric and General Dentist?

Parents often take their kids to a physician in case of any dental issue rather than taking them to a pediatric dentist. It is imperative to understand that kids must…

5 Reasons Why Your Family Should Have a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a dental expert who offers treatment to patients irrespective of their age. Having a family dentist will make your life easy and helps you avoid visiting…

Family Dentist Vs Pediatric Dentist Which One Is Best for Your Child?

If you are in Broken Arrow looking for a specialty dentist for your little one, there might be a few things you would probably be confused about. The only question…

Essential Components to Contemplate While Hand-Picking an Excellent Dental Office

Dental health is a crucial component of our entire wellness. Ignoring oral issues will lead to many other health issues. Thus, it is very important to find a good and…

Five Important Tips to Follow While Hand-Picking the Appropriate Dental Office

Almost everyone wants to find the finest, honest and accomplished dentist in Broken Arrow. Good dentists not only provide good oral care, but also contribute to one’s complete well-being. With…

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery and the Recovery Time

The back molars, popularly known as the wisdom teeth, are the last ones to appear and one of the most painful experiences for most people. The usual reason is that…

How to Handpick a Great Dentist and the Finest Dental Office?

It is tough to avoid junk food and go for healthy alternatives. Under such circumstances, you must take good care of your teeth as an uncompromising rule. Hence, you must…

7 Essential Qualities to Look For in a Dentist and Dental Office in Broken Arrow

Looking for a dental office and not sure how to choose the best dentist or best dental office? Well, this is a daunting task and holds a lot of risks…

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All I can say is that I love Dr Gently and his staff. They always make you feel like family and always get quality work when needed. They explain everything as they go so your not blind sided . I would recommend them to anyone

Lisa G ★★★★★

A wonderful experience. You will be treated wonderfully by all the staff. Lovely Office. Dr. Gentling is engaging and informative through all your treatment process. I was referred by a neighbor and it could not have been a better experience.

Terri P ★★★★★

Great visit to the BA Dentist Office!! any time you get a good results, it’s great visit!! Office staffs were very friendly and my hygienist was very gentle and through, Doctor Gentling was very knowledgeable to pointing out the dark shadows in my front tooth and gave me couple of options.

Kim W ★★★★★


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