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Whats’s The Difference Between Pediatric and General Dentist?

Parents often take their kids to a physician in case of any dental issue rather than taking them to a pediatric dentist. It is imperative to understand that kids must be taken to a pediatric dentist for their dental issues as they specialize in teenagers’ and children’s oral and dental health. We have also discussed about family dentist vs. pediatric dentist and which one is best in our previous blog. Dr. Todd Gentling is an eminent pediatric dentist Broken Arrow, associated with BA Dentist. Children from infancy to toddlers and teenagers visit the dental clinic for a range of common dental issues in this age.

Difference Between General and Pediatric Dentist in Broken Arrow:

Knowing what separates a general dentist from a pediatric dentist will enable the parents to choose the best specialist when their kids face various dental issues.

  • Training:

    The first difference between a general and pediatric dentist is their training as part of their course. After completing the Bachelor’s Degree and dental school, pediatric dentists must study a specialized 2-3 years program focused on pediatric dentistry. It gives them in-depth knowledge in dental issues specific to children like fluorosis, thumb sucking, tooth decay, shark teeth, tongue thrusting, etc.

  • Equipment:

    Pediatric dentists in Broken Arrow treat children of all ages. As such, they need to invest in kid-friendly dental tools and equipment. These tools are perfectly suited for kids and allow the dentist to examine the issue without making them uncomfortable.

  • Experience:

    After completing a specialized program of 2-3 years, the pediatric dentists gain a lot of experience examining and treating children of all ages. This enables them to have an advantage over general dentists. This experience of examining and treating kids also makes the pediatric dentists well-versed in behavior management and communication with even the most finicky and fussy kids. They know how to handle their young kids and educate them on good dental practices to maintain healthy and strong teeth.

  • Kid-Friendly Staff:

    pediatric dental clinic in Broken Arrow appoints kid-friendly staff who are well-trained to handle kids when they visit the practice for their dental issues. Children usually feel nervous and fearful when visiting a dentist’s office. The staff at the practice help them get comfortable and undergo proper oral examination and treatment without fidgeting. The staff works with kids and their parents and patiently takes them through the examination and treatment process.


All these differences make it essential to visit a pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow whenever kids suffer any dental issues. For more information about dentistry for children in Broken Arrow call us at (918) 251-8141 and schedule an appointment today.