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Family Dentist Vs Pediatric Dentist Which One Is Best for Your Child?

If you are in Broken Arrow looking for a specialty dentist for your little one, there might be a few things you would probably be confused about. The only question that pops up is this: “Do I take my child to a General Dentist, Pediatric Dentist or Family Dentist in Broken Arrow?”

Continue reading and find out which of one out of these three dentists would be the right one for your child!

General and Family Dentist in Broken Arrow:

There exists only a thin line of difference between a family and a general dentist. A general dentist offers only a few dental services for patients within a definitive age limit. Contrary to a general dentist, a family dentist in Broken Arrow provides treatments for patients of all ages. Even though a family dentist provides dental treatments they are more broad-based. However, your family dentist can recommend 5 reasons why your family should have a family dentist for your child.

Who is a Pediatric Dentist in Broken Arrow?

Unlike other dentists, who undergo four years of dental school, Pediatric dentists receive additional training for two to three years and specialize in that field.

Pediatricians and Their Area of Expertise:

These additional years of training teach them how to deal with their little patients, and how to make them feel comfortable and less anxious. They are trained in such a manner that they can treat the dental needs of every individual patient. Another important factor is that pediatric dentists in Broken Arrow are trained to manage patients who have special needs as well.

Visit Our Pediatric Dentist in Broken Arrow:

Dr. Todd Gentling who practice at BA-Dentist is the best pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow. He is a highly specialized practitioner who is child friendly and handles children expertly, especially the ones who are more anxious or fearful of treatments.

How To Hand Pick the Correct Practitioner?

By now you might know the differences between a General, Family and Pediatric Dentist. But now the problem lies in choosing one among the three which should also be comfortable for your child. Well, the only way is to book an appointment or take a trip to your dentist. Speak to a quality pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow like Dr. Todd Gentling who practice at BA-Dentist and schedule a visit. Find out who suits you and your child based on your budget.


If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Broken Arrow then visit our BA Dentist where Dr. Todd Gentling practices is the right place for your child. For more information, call us at (918) 251-8141 and schedule an appointment today.